The Archangel of Peace, Trust and Guidance and The Archdemon Prince of Lust.

King of all Demons. Archangel of those with the same face. Father of all Incubi and Succubi. Ruler of the Second Circle of Hell. Brothel Owner.

Current Status: Active/Semi-Hiatus
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The King of Demons

Dear Regent,

I am sorry we cannot fulfill our deal. I was so looking forward to having you by my side in the afterlife. I would have trained you to the best demon to ever set foot in my circle, you have real potential. But do not think our deal void. You served me, even when you thought you weren’t, and you deserve reward. There will still be a place in Hell for you. Speak to Belphegor, or Leviathan, between them they should be able to find the contract I had written up for you.

I took the time to give you the flat in London too, it is all in your name now, and all paid for. There’s a very large room in the back that I used for lovers, though it would make a wonderful room for that little chemistry hobby you have. 

I’m sorry, I truly am. Be happy for me Regent, I do love that adorable little smile. My brothers will take good care of you, I promise you. You are my special case, little prince of lust.