The Archangel of Peace, Trust and Guidance and The Archdemon Prince of Lust.

King of all Demons. Archangel of those with the same face. Father of all Incubi and Succubi. Ruler of the Second Circle of Hell. Brothel Owner.

Current Status: Active/Semi-Hiatus
[Unattached RP blog, Multiverse. Biblican Canon/AU. NSFW a lot]
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The King of Demons

Dear Lucifer,

                Why didn’t you come and visit me? Didn’t you care? After all I did for you, after I gave up my life in Heaven, after I tainted my grace for you, gave up everything. And you couldn’t even come and visit me on my deathbed? I know you would have sensed it, I sensed your pain when it was severe, why didn’t you come Lucifer? Why have you never cared?

I never thought I could hate you. I think I am too weak to hate you even now. Perhaps I am just disappointed, perhaps I thought my service to you meant something, that maybe for once I meant something.

The collar. Take it back. A dead pet is no fun for you is it.