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Do any of you cute people have twitter? I want to follow more people!

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[text from unknown number] I watch you sleep.




[Text] Kinky….but who is this?

[text] Disturbingly so? Now that’s offensive.

[text] I’m afraid the list of people you could be is terribly long. I’m up for a game.

[text] if you know who I was then you would say I was kind.
[text] Then let’s narrow the list down for a bit. start speculate and I will tell you if it’s hot or cold. if you feel like cheating, ask your fluffy winged boyfriend.

[text] Fluffy winged boyfriend?

[text] Eros?



"Round these parts, polite gets you  a kiss on the cheek and an ‘it was nice to meet you but go faff off to your boyfriend’ bit," John grinned, raising his eyebrows at the offer. SoHo was a bit gamy as far as club areas went, but he was definitely interested. The man had captured his interest. "You own a bar, hmm? Sounds like a plan."

"I don’t spend half as much time in London as I would like. It’s always been a favourite city of mine," He tells him, looking around the train car. He smiled a little when he noticed he had captured John’s interest. Soho was a particular sort of place, and anyone who was eager to go to a bar there, was definitely his type. "Yes, Lupanar. Have you heard of it?"

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All of the blood drained instantly from his face. For a split second, he felt as if he were suffocating, a headache starting up in his head. Carlos looked at his hands for a moment, scarred and scabbed from years of work, before looking back up into Asmodeus. “She just kind of…” He paused, catching his breath. 

"Disappeared. The police said that she probably died." The scientist looked back at his hands, chewing on his lip. He could think of a question to ask next, but told himself to stay quiet for a moment.

Asmodeus frowns as he listens to him. The idea of a human just vanishing like that baffled him. He wasn’t sure how something like that could happen. It was incredibly sad. He might not be on speaking terms with many of his arch-siblings, but if one of them vanished, or even died. He couldn’t imagine how powerful his grief would be.

"It’s okay Carlos, we don’t need to talk about it if this is an uncomfortable topic," He tells him, leaning over to take his hand, hoping to offer a little bit of comfort to Carlos. "Lets talk about things less saddening. How are you finding life here?"

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we’re all misfits { Eros & Asmodeus }


Now his brain short-cuted as well and he was sure his knees felt weak for a moment there. he’d just been called cute. 'get a grip, he probably calls evreyone that!' he told himself but couldn’t help to feel flattered and his cheeks burned more deeply red than before. “Yeah, big family and all.” He mumbled and ran his hand across the back of his neck.

At the loss of contact, he looked back up from the floor that he had been studying for a while now and wagged his chin as he tried to say something. Before he could even stop himself he had spoken. “Youcouldalwayscomeoverfordinner.” Oh dear lord. he let out an embarrassed huff and licked his lips again. “I-I mean. I don’t have to go home straight away, we could - we coudl do something, then perhaps, if you’d want to. you know. anyway it was just a thought.” He shrugged. He had already imagined that he wouldn’t want to come home to dinner at a strangers house with a big family around and all. And he wished with all his heart that Asmo wasn’t dicking around and tricked him to do somethign illeagal and then to just ditch him and leave him for the sharks and get him into trouble. Or that he friends would be around because they all scared him when they were in their tight little group that nobody seemed to be able to enter. Not that Eros had even tried or knew anyone that had, it jsut seemed that way.

"I have a big family too. All brothers, and my mother split a few years ago. So just a big house of boys," He tells him with a chuckle, crossing his arms over his chest. "Most of them are moved out now though, so just four of us left. It was crazy when we were all kids though."

Asmodeus’ expression turned into a bright grin at the mention of dinner. What a wonderful suggestion, even if it was blurted out at him. He moves over his locker, putting in the combination and putting away his books, grabbing out his bag, slinging it over his shoulder. “So what are we eating?” He asks him, his grin growing even wider as he takes all of Eros’ books off him. He couldn’t mention the last time anyone invited him over for dinner. He was of course a wonderful guest, but his reputation got around a little bit. He steers Eros down the hall, aware that the adorable teen looked a little dumbstruck. He was excited for going home with him. “I’m a pretty alright cook too, so I can help with anything you tell me to do.”



She leaned back and kissed his forehead, holding him closer.  ”I’m sorry to hear that, love.”

"I would like to say that’s the only heartache I’m experiencing, but life seems to be throwing things at me," He says with a sigh, smiling just a touch at the kiss. "What about you? Tell me things have been going good for you."

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God, what had he done to Charles? The information hit him very much like a brick to the face, and Erik closed his eyes for a moment, trying to process it and swallow it down, at least until he was spoken to again. Immediately, a panic touched his heart and his head shook rapidly, slowing down after a moment. “I… I can’t go back to him. I can’t.” Especially now, knowing he had rendered the man to a wheelchair, or worse. “Our friendship ended on that beach. We didn’t… want the same thing. So I took my leave. I can’t see him again.” There would be no repairing it, even if he attempted to apologize. No. It was better that there was the distance there, no matter the guilt that bubbled in his gut now.

Asmodeus wished he could take back that knowledge. That he could keep it a secret from him. “If it helps…Charles’ accident is a fixed point. Whether on the beach in Cuba, with you, or somewhere else without you, he always ends up in a wheelchair,” He tells him slowly. He wasn’t sure if that would help at all. It wasn’t as if he was doing so good at this, especially since he had visibly just broke Erik by telling him things he was supposed to find out on his own. “You don’t need to repair it, but if you are asking my opinion, there is no need to worsen the situation. Hearing an apology, or just hearing from you, I am sure that will mean a lot, whether you’re friendship is over or not.”

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Take Me - Spencer




"So, what do you think of my dungeon?"

Spencer whimpered as his legs were kicked open, arching a little, a cute blush coloring his pale cheeks. He pushed his finger a little deeper in, moaning softly. The movements were careful, almost shy as he worked himself open, wanting so bad to please his master. His back arched as his fingers went deeper, scissoring them apart. He felt so good. He knew it would feel even better when master put the toy in. 

"Oh good boy," Asmodeus murmurs, leaning himself back on the sofa so he can get a good view of him. He looked adorable, his skin tinted a nice red, his body shivering just slightly as he opened himself up. It was a sight he found hard to look away from. "Come here, you’re open enough," He says with a chuckle, picking the toy up. "Move onto all fours so I can slide it in easier."



 ”You caught me,” Well, that was a bit of a bummer. But had he really tried so hard to fit into the normality of the sex craving human with that response before? Probably not. After all, as much as he knew that it was normal to agree as opposed to disagree with the idea, his lack of interest led to lack of study of those sorts of responses. But his shoulders rose and fell in a shrug, and his ever present expression of happy-go-lucky shark at the reef remained. “Guess I missed out on that part of the brain’s inner workings.” 

"Not everyone enjoys sex, it’s still normal," He tells him with a shrug. Plenty of people were only interested in love instead of lust, or lust instead of love. And plenty of people were uninterested in both. He of course found it interesting, but he supposed it meant he could stop trying so hard to flirt with him now. Which was a strange relief. It was rare he had a conversation that he didn’t expect to turn to sex. 

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Eli smiled as the man took his hand, pulling him outside. He had no idea what was going on in this place, but it seemed like an adventure. He’d never had an adventure, so maybe now it was time to start. “I-I was thirsty.” He said quietly, following the man.

"You are going to have to be so adorable, it’s really distracting," He says with a small chuckle. He keeps a hold of his hand, but only to be kind, Eli looked as if he might end up wandering off and lost if he didn’t keep a hold of him. He leads him into the Starbucks around the corner, smiling at the Barista. "What would you like to drink?" He asks him.

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Seated carefully on the bed, the blond sighs happily. He’s safe here— his brother can be trusted, he knows that to the very depth of his grace. “I like sensory play,” he begins, “contrasting sensations like heat and cold, spanking with, oh, let’s see… Paddles, floggers, hand spanking is really lovely too, but not very fond of the cane. Knives are a hard limit.”

He shows the older angel the scars on his hands, the ones that cross his palms, and explains quietly, “Raphael and I had words one day. Knives are right out, please.”

Thoughtfully, he continues, “Don’t much like bodily fluids— come play is one thing, but urine and so forth is a bit of a turn off. I like being tied and blindfolded, but I panic if it’s a hood. Breath play is good as long as water isn’t involved— had some rough experiences with the ocean a time or two over the centuries— and I’m not fond of needles. Other than that, it’s all fair game. My safe word is Hemlock, but if it’s just a muscle cramp or needing to talk past something, it’s Sumac.”

He glances at the older angel, curious as to what he’ll make of all the randomly assembled information.

Asmodeus sits across from him, listening carefully, paying attention. There was no way he would ever play a hard limit with someone. He might negotiate trying out a soft limit, but hard limits were always off the cards. He was not a bad Dominant. And he promised himself he never would be. If things went wrong, he was always happy to stop, soothe, and talk about it. 

"Raphael. We have that in common," He says with a smile that looks rather sour, bringing Balth’s hands up and kissing both of his palms. He had spend a long time bound and buried in the desert thanks to Raphael. He was sure they would never be on amicable terms again.

"Your hard limits will not be touched, I respect how you feel about them," He tells him with a nod. "We share pretty similar interests. I cannot stand hoods, they give me the worst anxiety attacks. Definitely not sexy." He chuckles, kissing his palms again then letting his hands drop. "I would definitely like to spank you. I’d like to edge you too, not let you come until the end of our play."

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