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King of all Demons. Archangel of those with the same face. Father of all Incubi and Succubi. Ruler of the Second Circle of Hell. Brothel Owner.

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The King of Demons

Daddy Dearest || Angelamongdemons


Jaxx looks at him wide eyed, lower lip just slightly pouted as he’s told that was naughty. He easily let Asmodeus guide his hand away, a protest dying on his tongue as the man replaces Jaxx’s touch with is own. 

"Nn just for Daddy to touch?" Jaxx breathes softly his hips pressing forward some into the pressure, immediately warm for more.

"Yes Daddy," he nods biting into his lower lip and making a little huff of a pleasure noise.
"Makes me feel warm all over. And good. But makes me feel…" Jaxx pauses as he seems to look for the word for what he was experiencing. "Empty, too."

Asmodeus nods, pressing the flat of his palm against Jaxx’s crotch, rubbing just slowly, applying the right amount of pressure that he knows feels good. “Yes, just for Daddy. Nobody else.” He tells him with a firm nod. There’s that niggling feeling of jealousy that he only gets moments like this. Only for him, until the morning comes. He’s not one for jealousy, and when he does feel that, its paired with uncomfortableness and annoyance.

"Empty?" He asks as he pulls himself back, running his finger over Jaxx’s bottom lip. "You could always put a pacifier in?" He suggests, before bringing his fingers to run over his stomach. "Or you could eat something and fill up your tummy?" His fingers trail around, stroking his lower back, and then down to his behind. "Or is it just that you want Daddy inside of you?"


The rest is warm, uninterrupted by the nightmares the younger angel has so frequently. He awakens slowly when the sun begins to rise, stretching a little and curling closer to his Daddy as he does. Nosing the warm chest beneath him, the blond yawns and purrs sleepily, content to be exactly where he is.

Asmodeus wakes up after Balth, to the feeling of him nosing at his chest, a small, sleepy smile forming on his face. He reaches down, attempting to tickle him, but poor motor skills make it clumsy, eliciting a small laugh from Asmo. “Morning,” He mumbles, rolling over onto his side, pressing his nose against Balthazars hair.

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Spoiled Rotten | Asmodeus&Theo


Theo laughed softly and leaned into the pets that Asmodeus was giving him. He let out a happy hum and opened up the box of chocolates, looking them all over before picking one out of the middle and setting it in his mouth, savoring the taste while his Master spoke. He smiled a little bit as he was thanked for his information and he nodded. He leaned his head on Asmo’s thigh as he ate the chocolate he was allowed. “These are yummy sir, Thank you.” Theo murmured. 

"What are we having for dinner?" Theo asked, blue eyes glancing up at the man. "Also, after dinner, can you and me watch a movie together or do something together? Since I’ve been really good all week?” He asked, voice gaining a small excited tone to it. 


It was more than a little adorable to watch Theo enjoying the chocolate. It was one of the reasons he got spoiled so much, he just looked so cute when he got gifts, or got his own way. Asmo wasn’t sure how anyone could resist that bright look on his face.

"You’ll have to ask the cooks, not me," He says with a shrug. It was Friday which meant the whole house would eat together. Most days the boys ate alone in the upstairs dining room. Asmodeus was either working or entertaining someone. Some days he took dinner downstairs with one or two of the boys. But at least on Friday, he liked to eat with all of them, catch up, chat with all his boys. They were like family to him, and he wanted a family dinner once a week. "A movie sounds good, yes," He agrees with a small nod. "We can get some popcorn and cuddle up in the cinema room?"

Cuddle Bug // Den & Asmo


He thought Daddy hadn’t seen that! “I’ll use a napkin Daddy, promise.” Cross legged, or else his feet get cold, he has to fight not to wolf it down. Good boys eat slow and get to sleep in Daddy’s arms, after all.

"Good boy," He says, kissing the top of his head. When Dennis promised something, it usually meant his boy would go out of his way to keep it. It was something that always made Asmo proud of him. He watches him eat, not hungry himself, just tired, and admiring his boy.

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Spoiled Boy // Mason & Asmo


The pout stayed on his face even though he knew it wasn’t Asmo’s fault. His brain knew that. But it didn’t stop him from feeling the way he did. Mason took the bag and looked through it, pulling out each item of clothing and looking it over before gently laying them out on the floor. He looked back up at Asmo, the pout gone and replaced with a small smile, “These are nice…”

Asmodeus had been terribly worried his gift wasn’t enough, and he would have to deal with Mason being angry with him all evening. It would have been a disaster, he would have got mad back at him because work had exhausted him, and everything would just be tense and awful. “I like the blue sweater the best,” He tells him, putting a hand on his head. “And the new pyjama set.”

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Family Drama || Eric + Asmodeus


Eric glanced between Asmodeus and the clock, painfully aware that he was on his own until the amount of time he’d agreed upon with Godric some sixteen hours earlier. 

Two hours.

He sucked in a breath. 

Two hours was a blink in time for him.

And yet he prepared for an eternity of wait for this disgusting charade to end.

"I don’t have any food," he replied in lieu of an answer. "I suppose we just… talk." The word dripped from his lips like he’d suggested they make love to one another.

Neither of them wanted to be here, and it was obvious, the whole room was filled with a sense of tension and disdain for the situation. Asmodeus didn’t know how Godric ever expected them to get along, it seemed so impossible. They were too different and too old. Set in their ways.

"Don’t worry, I didn’t come here expecting a feast," He says with a wry smile. He would say the same but…it wouldn’t be true. He could easily feed Eric, he had potent blood running through his veins. But still…despite how good it was, he highly doubted Eric would partake.

"Talk. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening," He says dryly, looking to the window. He would much rather be in his bar. Or in Godric. Or better, both. "Godric and I are buying a family home. There. I’m starting things off."

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date a boy who’s an angel. not like when people use angel as a synonym for sweet but a literal angel with six wings and thirty eyes and three heads of different animals. date a boy who uses a flaming sword and has a murderous vengeance that burns even hotter. 



Gabriel stared at his brother for a moment — if Asmodeus would have asked him if he wanted to ride with him on a three-headed, transparent dragon, he would not have looked any otherwise. But it was quickly gone again, and he averted his gaze as he pinched the bridge of his nose. If everything would just be so easy like his younger brother wished it, he could do whatever he wanted as well. But sadly that was not the case. “You can believe me, I would prefer a bit less of bad blood between us as well”, he admitted, although instantly regretting it. Asmodeus would not believe him any way. “I just — I like order. You upset my order. Especially when I try to plan my next chess move against Hell and I cannot determine if you will not forward everything I tell you and you see here to Lucifer. How should I know.”

Asmodeus should have expected that look. God knows he gets it from everyone else he asks, especially the angels. It’s foolish to expect any other kind of response. But he has faith in Gabriel, he always thinks his brother will become that warm, welcoming confidante he once new. It’s hard to imagine that time can change so much, that the rift between them could become so great. He perks up immediately when Gabriel speaks, a big grin forming on his face. He can’t help himself, too eager to hope that they could truly be brothers once more. A united family was all he wished for, no matter how impossible it seems. “Allow yourself to think of me as a sibling instead of a spy,” He says with a small, slightly annoyed noise. “My love and devotion for Lucifer does not make me his footsoldier. He knows that, so why don’t you?”

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The usually somber soldier was suddenly fidgeting nervously, and blushing. “I… I don’t know… I’ve never done anything like that before. I mean, I’m not exactly inexperienced. But it’s always been… private, ya know?” But he stood with his drink in hand anyways, curious despite himself. “I, uh, yeah. Why not? Lead on. Might need a couple more of these killer cocktails to loosen up though.” he said with an uncertain little smirk.

Asmodeus smiles softly at the blushing man. He did come across as confident, but then, confidence in everyday life, and then confidence in a situation like this, were very different things. “I’m afraid we have a two drink limit for anyone partaking. It protects our subs and workers,” He says with an apologetic smile, standing up from the bar stool. “Come, I’ll take you downstairs.”

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Asmodeus at long last. Thanks to homie @stevezippilli #abbynormaltattoo #asmodeus


Asmodeus at long last. Thanks to homie @stevezippilli #abbynormaltattoo #asmodeus



It had been a while since he had gotten like this. Needy. Like he needed to be taken care of, needed someone to take control where there was nothing for him to worry about. And since it had been a while he was also unsure how to make his desires known. He generally use the “shy” approach. Thomas moved in close to him, chewing on his bottom lip, a light blush on his cheeks. He cleared his throat. “Daddy?”

It had been so long since Thomas had regressed to such a little needy mode, that Asmodeus found himself stopping being so alert, so ready to switch to caregiver mode. He was relaxing on the couch with a beer and some tv when Thomas came in, offering him a polite smile, then going back to his show. He blinks when Thomas greets him, surprised, taking more than a moment to sit up. “Everything okay little one?” He asks quietly, holding out his hand for the boy.

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[Text] I know you were supposed to be coming round tonight, but can we take a raincheck? I'm just, not in that mood. A.


[txt]: I.. alright.

[txt]: okay? Do you need anything? 

[text] No I’m completely fine Erik. A

[text] I just cannot get myself in the right headspace to dominate you. I’m rather the opposite right now I’m afraid. A

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Wrong Path



{♙} “Why would you want me to follow you?” Though he did take a few steps closer. It was strange enough an Archangel of all would want his attention, let allow have a talk. The fallen sighed softly. "I am Tadashi." The only name he gave out unless demanded otherwise. One never could be too careful even with their own kind.

"Because you are my brother," He says with a simple, warm smile. Humans weren’t the only creatures he was Guardian of. He always took special interest in Fledglings and The Fallen. Simply put, he was drawn to those who needed his help. Those lost and perhaps afraid. He didn’t think walking past Tadashi had been a coincidence. He had a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach all week. "Come with me, and perhaps we can talk a while?"

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Damn Me || Erik & Asmodeus


Erik felt his breath hitch in his throat, catching his lungs and making his chest shudder with the breath as his eyes fluttered and he swallowed down a moan just from the words. His imagination was running rampant, just from the simple thought of being teased for most of eternity. There was something enticing about the mere fact of it, and the demon closed his eyes, trying to keep himself under control, and failing at it.

"Mmmn, I might not be able to handle teasing forever right now," he murmured at last, swallowing down another moan and letting it out regardless as it worked back up. He was needy for Asmo, wanted him, craved him, and he could only handle gentle and caring for so long. Of course, it would start off like that, but it would end with the both of them so desperate and intense that it would be a blur of pleasure. “Mmmn— A-Asmodeus — ahh!!” The whine peeled from desperate lips, and Erik hitched his hips upward.

The feeling of a second finger in him made the demon arch from the silken sheets, his back a perfect bow along his spine as he trembled, feeling the strange sensation he could only relate to his tail as it twisted against the silk he was on. With a twitch, the muscle lifted and wrapped around Asmo’s wrist, holding but not impeding. “F-fuck it feels good. Like I’ve never been touched,” he breathed, his eyes fluttering for a moment. The sensitive nerves had his skin tingling and his hips could only twitch and press downward, eager but languid for now.

Being with Erik…it was one of the things you don’t realise you miss until you have it once more. Then that empty ache that has been in your chest for so long is explained. You find yourself wondering how you could have possibly lived for so long without this. How that cavernous hole in your heart, didn’t cause your demise. It’s all-consuming, breathtaking, dizzying, yet at the same time….holds a comforting normalcy. As if in that moment your life clicks right back into place again. The past seems less harrowing, and the future holds less terror. It is the now that occupies your mind, the warm present that envelops your very soul, and for the first time in what seems like an eternity, you feel content.

Asmodeus feels exactly that as he pushes the digits in and out of Erik, laid next to him, writhing his body up against the newly formed demons side. It’s strange, this was Erik’s body, and in some way it felt like his Erik, but in others, it didn’t at all. The warmth of his skin was foreign, the tail wrapped around his flexing wrist was something his mind was struggling to associate Erik with. In time, that would change, but it also meant their lovemaking would never feel like this ever again. Erik’s skin would never feel so new under his wandering fingertips. He would know how to respond better next time, would never again look so clueless and virginal. And that was beautiful. Fleeting moments between his lover that could never be recreated.

"I love you Erik," He whispers as he withdraw’s his hand, moving his body so to lie almost on top of him, pressing their noses together. They had a lifetime together for kink, for scenes, for discovering new and obscure fetishes together. Oh, the road they were to walk on together would be exciting, fresh and everchanging. But now, he just needed to be with Erik. To show him how they would start their new lives, together…intertwined. He inhales deeply before pushing himself into Erik, the tightness and warmth of his lover something that makes him groan deeply, fingers twisting into the sheets.

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