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Decided to have gluten free bread so It was easier on my stomach.
Still gave me stomach pains.

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Guess what. If I dont find a way to come into some money within the next month, im going to die. literally. i will die. fun

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Sarkis blinks, then quirks an eyebrow, and eventually a cracks a smile. He’s too much of a sucker to not be pleased at being called pretty and to not take the opportunity to preen. 

Thank you, then. I don’t often get told that.

What a terrible liar. He’s not even trying.

Who’re you, handsome?

He chuckles a little bit, leaning back and admiring the smile the stranger is offering him. And the idea that he doesn’t get complimented often, is something he highly doubts.

"My name is Asmodeus," He murmurs, offering him a tiny little bow. "And you?"

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    “You know what they say, if you like what you do, you never work a day in your life,” Something normal, he figured, to say. Being almost painfully normal, it was almost a hobby of Dexter’s. Fucking for fun. Well, that was something terribly human. And terribly dull. They really did thrive off of sex. One of the many reasons Dexter was not quite of the species. He partially wondered if he could get away with ignoring that, but there was a reaction to be had here. He raised his beer, and offered a something of a smirk and give a little chuckle, “Isn’t that everyone’s pass time?”

Asmodeus notices how he doesn’t look incredibly interested at his comment. Not prey then, not really. Which in a way, made him even more interesting. Especially because he could sense sin, but he doubted it was Lust. He wondered what it was. And he wondered why Dexter had chosen this bar, out of all the others, to drink in. “Not everyones. I have a feeling it’s not yours,” He says, matching his smirk, and leaning forwards just a little bit. 

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Blue eyes flick to the said bottle, and the smile on his lips grows. Charles hums in agreement, taking a step closer. “It would be a shame if you had to enjoy such an excellent wine alone.”

"I will have another glass brought over," He says with a chuckle, holding up his own empty glass, waving it over to one of the bartenders, who nods at him, and brings it over. He takes the bottle out of it’s ice cooler, pouring out two glasses for them. 

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The thought of no safeword didn’t just linger with the Angel. It made also Hades think about what else he could take away from Asmodeus. It was a simple thing to make any of the rooms in the palace proof to magic, that was a known fact, he had done it so many times before. But maybe he should have a curse over Asmo himself. The thought was tempting, not just because it would make the angel incredibly defenseless but because of the possible panic it could install as well. It was music, in short. to Hades. Now while he watched Asmo struggle to handle the pain he was under, the King only smiled more. His hand came to slap his testicles a handful more times just because the sounds that came from the angel amused him so much. His hand ended up taking a firm hold of Asmodeus’ scrotum, pulling downwards while his free hand came to spank the already aching organ over and over. “That’s right. slut. It hurts to disobey me.” he mused through the sounds of his hand connecting with the red and sore skin time and time again. He wanted Asmodeus’ balls to ache as much as his ass would, if not more. And preferably be just as red. He didn’t let up until he felt he was getting close to just that goal, and when he stepped back he once more used the control to the vibrator to turn it to the maximum. He himself strolled over to the closet again, picking and choosing among the many toys to see which would be fit for the milking he had in mind. His choice fell on a metallic e-stim. With the toy in hand he almost seemed smug as he walked back to Asmo, up behind him and he let the toy stroke between the angel’s cheeks to tease him. “You know it won’t be any use trying to fight against me, Asmodeus. In the end you will submit, because you want this, and you know you deserve it. No matter how much you struggle your body is mine and I will do what I want with it.”

The idea of Hades making sure he couldn’t leave, of ‘magic-proofing’ the rooms, or putting a curse on him. Perhaps he trusted Hades too much, had too much hope and faith in the God. Perhaps he thought this was a game too much, whereas Hades obviously thought very differently about it. The thought simply never crossed his mind.  He groans in pain when Hades spanks his genitals  like that, his head falling back, relinquishing eye contact, exposing his throat to the man. Once he’s finished the last thing he’s expecting is the vibrator being turned on, letting out a moan that’s closer to a sob, his whole body convulsing.

He notices Hades wandering over to the cupboard, but he’s too distracted by the vibrator inside him to pay attention to what he’s taking out, wriggling a little when he feels coldness against his ass. “Whats that?” He whispers, trying to crane his head to see. He knew Hades was right. He would give in. His struggles would last a while, but eventually he would just be a twitching open mouthed mess, letting Hades do as he pleased, without a word.

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Salem, without warning, was suddenly on Asmodeus lap. It startled him  but soon he relaxed, wrapping his arms around the man’s shoulders. He settled comfortably on his lap, smiling down at Asmodeus, green eyes amused. “If anyone said you’d be here in my home just a few hours ago, I would have laughed at them but I am glad you’re here.”

He sighed and leaned against him, molding their bodies together. It was hard to resist kissing him, especially in this position. Salem didn’t want to make it seem like he wanted more, which he wouldn’t be opposed of. “I’m sure you already know this but you are hard to resist. I’ve grown to really like kissing you,” confessed the human, whispering in his ear. 

 ”I’m glad you’re not regretting inviting me over. I’m having a really nice time,” He tells him, moving closer so he can cup Salem’s cheek in his palm, thumb gently swiping over his cheekbone, enjoying the feel of the flushed, warm skin under his much warmer fingertips.

He chuckles when Salem whispers in his ear, more than aware of the reaction he makes humans have, but that doesn’t make him any less pleased to hear it. He’s serious about having a nice time, about Salem being extremely good company. “Come here,” He murmurs, guiding his face and pressing their lips together, kissing him slowly, and gently.

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He does as he’s told, he leans forward to put his hand on the glass, the boy in the mirror meets his hand and they lean on each other, and they simultaneously whine about the grip on their arse. Jaxx’s bare feet stay where they are on the cool tile of the department store, arching up onto the balls of his feet some, though - the curve of his arse pushing back, into his hand, an invitation or a tease as he puts himself on display. Green eyes stay on the masked man behind him, but eventually he pries his gaze away to look at himself with Asmodeus’ hand down his sheer panties, making his cheeks flush and chest heave.

"Yessir…" He knows it’s Asmo, but he feels unfamiliar with his voice lowered and his face obscured, looking at himself instead of his client it does feel like he could be being touched by anyone. Debauched by anyone, and it’s exciting.

Asmodeus likes playing the stranger, having Jaxx pressed up in basically a public space, responding to every touch he gives him, obviously aching for more. He smirks a little when Jaxx has trouble shifting his gaze from his obscured face to his own, letting out a deep chuckle as he squeezes his fingers around his cock, the sounds Jaxx lets out absolutely beautiful, like music to his ears.

"I’m not going to fuck you, despite how much you obviously want it," He murmurs, playing the stranger, not sweet and attentive Asmodeus, but the rough Stranger, fondling a boy in the middle of a department store. He moves off him and vanished for a second, before coming back and pressing a bottle of lube into Jaxx’s hand. "You are going to finger yourself while I play with your cock though. Aren’t you."

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[text]: If I didn't know any better, I might think that you were trying to save my soul.



[text] Oh your soul can’t be saved darling

[text] I’m just, trying to ensure it ends up in the right hands

[text]: I did say ‘if I didn’t know any better,’ Sugar.

[text]: Your hands?

[text]: I like your hands.

[text]: I’m bringing your gift. 

[text] I like to think most of the time you do know better.

[text] You would look very pretty in my hands

[text] Please do. I’m looking forward to it.


Mephisto’s eyes went large when the TV turned on and as he watched the channels flip by. “But…h-how?” He tried to get up, but Asmodeus’ arm kept him seated. “Brother, how does it work?”

"I can’t give you the exact science of it, I haven’t paid that much attention," He tells him with a chuckle, setting the remote down once he’s picked a show. He personally thought Real Housewives was the perfect show to introduce Mephisto to television. "Basically it’s filmed with actors, and then the recordings are put on a network, then shown all over the country."

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Jaxx smiles up at him as his fingers trace through his hair, leaning into the touch. When he finds himself urged forward he does so, his parted lips tracing over the heat of the flesh beneath. He’s almost a little surprised when Asmo inches back again - gives him room to complete his task.

"Heh, would make things a little easier hm?" Jaxx teases lightly, and he’s slightly nervous as he reaches up to ease away the last layer between him and Asmodeus’ full nudity. But his fingers don’t tremble, and he doesn’t hesitate as he takes away the last garment, biting softly at his lower lip as he comes face to face with Asmo’s cock. It’s the first cock he’s ever been up close and personal with aside from his own. He can’t help but feel a pang of self consciousness when confronted with his length - but more deeply he wants to touch it, put his lips and tongue to the skin, he’s so close. Instead, he looks back up at Asmo, waiting for an instruction.

He’s responsive and Asmodeus likes that. Most virgins would be nervous and unsure, which was exactly what Asmodeus had expected. But here was Jaxx, lips pressed against the thin fabric of his underwear, eager, and pleased. Pleased if definitely the right word to describe how Asmodeus feels right now.

His cock twitches lightly when Jaxx pulls away his boxers, the breeze pleasant and welcome. Asmodeus briefly wonders if it was cruel to the boy, his first time being with Lust himself. No human would ever measure up. Though part of him felt incredibly pleased at that. Even if he was being a touch big headed. “You look like you’re desperate to wrap those pretty lips around something,” He chuckles, glancing down at his cock. He’s not obscenely big, the length and thickness is in proportion, and he’s proud to say the human form he took was practically perfect in every way. “Lets get your clothes off first hm? I want a good look.”



"— strange? I didn’t know this would be considered strange." He raised his brow and crossed his legs. Resting his head on his knees as he watched the other fold up the paper. Committing to memory all the steps. "— oh it’s a pleasure Asmo I am Severin. You come around he often?"

"Well nobody has come around here and asked me to fold a paper plane, but I’m not complaining, it’s brightened up my day," He says with a laugh, leaning back on the outdoor chair he was currently sat on, enjoying the sun and the slight breeze the morning brought. "I come here every day, this bar is mine," He says with a smile, guesturing to the building he was sat in front of.

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